Rothewood Academy Courses: Level 2

The Magic of Loose Parts Series

This deep dive Level 2 course includes material suggestions, strategies around introducing Loose Parts into classrooms , the curriculum connects, clean up and storage of Loose Parts.

Gathering ( Circle Time)

This course arms you with strategies to help you build a sense of community and belonging in your classroom. A vital part of a child’s day at Rothewood it aims at building connections between children and teachers.

Helping Hands

This course guides you through building understanding and activities to our Helping Hands program. It is designed to help a child to discover their own voice and the importance and power of that voice. 

Music & Movement

Our Music & Movement program introduces a child to various sounds through an exploration of instruments from around the world. This course gives you strategies to implement the program.

Expressive Arts

This courses takes you through strategies and activities for our Expressive Arts Program. Our program recognizes art as a way for children to explore thinking, feeling, questioning, and expressing.

Magical Mathematics Series

This Level 2 course is a deep dive into concrete strategies and tools, that address strategies ranging from Early math to simple Mathematical Operations based on exploration through play

Promoting Writing Series

This Level 2 course is a deep dive into concrete strategies and tools, from Prewriting to Journaling activities, which promote a culture of writing in Rothewood classrooms.