Why Uniforms?

Wearing uniforms helps build a sense of unity and community within the school. Instead of everyone as a separate team, uniforms create a bond where everyone is on the same team allowing children to focus on who they are and building self-esteem. Wearing uniforms also helps free students and parents of the stress of what to wear in the morning.

Kids Smiling at Rothewood Academy

School Spirit:
In wearing uniforms there is a sense of community shared through school spirit. Uniforms help develop a strong sense of team spirit and a sense of unity and belonging that many schools do not have.

Easier Mornings:
Instead of worrying about what outfit to put together for children, parents know exactly what their children will be wearing. By eliminating this modern day problem, it can decrease stress in the mornings.

Simple Economics:
School uniforms are designed to stand up to everyday wear and repeated washing, so most parents will find they can get away with buying only a few sets. This will add up over time and in the long run mean more savings for parents.