Rothewood Accredited Teachers

Each of our Teachers must be a licensed Early Childhood Educator they will then go through the Rothewood Teacher Training Program which will enable them to work in one of our specialized junior kindergarten schools. Taking the Rothewood Teacher Training Program will provide our teachers with the tools to be successful with our curriculum and to be inspired and inspire others with the Rothewood program.

Preschool Teacher Shows Child How to Draw at Rothewood Academy

By the time one of teachers becomes fully certified, they will have received up to 4 months of additional instruction and successfully completed a final exam that includes an observation of their practical skills in the classroom. This level of training is unparalleled for early education teachers in Canada and many of our teachers take it a step further. After certification, teachers may continue their education by taking refresher courses, often when they are switching their specialized subject, or by pursuing ongoing training that is supported by the principals at their schools.

All of our early childhood educators are also trained in First Aid.