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The Rothewood Daycare and Preschool Kitchen

Rothewood In House Chef creates healthy tasty foods that children cannot resist. Fresh meals are cooked in house and served daily. Breakfast, Lunch and all snacks are provided. Health is important to us and we take all dietary matters seriously. At Rothewood daycare and preschool we do our best to accommodate each child. We are a nut-free zone.

Rothewood practices family-style for all meals and snacks served throughout the day. Family-style dining is a method of serving food to our children by bringing the main and side dishes to the table in serving bowls; this allows the children to serve themselves!

The goal of family-style dining is for children to develop self-help skills, social skills, empower them to make their own food choices and create pride and ownership of the food they are eating. Children scoop their own portions and pour their own milk, improving fine motor skills. In our classes, a teacher is present at every table. They are a role model, sitting and engaging in positive conversation, while eating with the children. The children interact with their peers by taking turns, asking one another to pass the serving bowl or for more of a particular food.

By dining together as a cohesive group, with both their peers and teachers, children look around and see the members of the group enjoying the food, which makes them much more likely to try it too! In addition to creating a supportive meal environment, family style dining promotes the tradition of enjoying conversation and healthy nutritious food together. At the end of the meal, Rothewood children scrape their own plates and help with clean-up. Try this at home! You’d be amazed at how accomplished and capable your children are!

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Key Benefits of Family Dining

  • Children are able to learn and practice their table manners, such as please, thank you. And other courtesies, as well as patience.
  • Guides children to make smart food choices
  • Helps children develop independence
  • Promotes Self confidence
  • Provides opportunities to enhance their fine motor skills, such as balance, passing platters, holding bowls and scooping food.
  • It creates and opportunity for children to choose which foods to eat and the amount which works best for their body.