The Magic of Loose Parts Series

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The Magic of Loose Parts

Inspirational explorations for the children of Rothewood Academy

The term “Loose Parts” was coined by architect Simon Nicolson in the 1970’s. He wrote a paper, How NOT to Cheat Children: The Theory of Loose Parts, based on his observations of the failings of the educational system. 

He believed that children were being cheated of opportunities to be creative and of opportunities for exploration and experimentation.

He concluded that this leads to whole portions of society not feeling competent or capable as creative or inventive beings.

Is society content to let only a very few of its members realize their creative potential?”Simon Nicholson

As you go through the lessons you are encouraged to reflect on how you use loose parts in your own classroom. Use the action plan sheet to create an action plan as you go through each topic. Use it as a reflection tool as you progress through the year.

In this course we will be covering the following:

Loose Parts-Types, Presentations and Benefits

Introducing Loose Parts into the Classroom ? 

Using Loose Parts Classrooms 

Loose Parts with Babies and Toddlers 

External resources and reference materials

Using Loose Parts Outdoors