Rothewood Academy Courses: The Essentials

Welcome to the Rothewood Learning Management System (LMS).

These courses are a vital part of your Continuous Professional Development. These Non-Certificate courses have been designed to help you integrate into our company culture, understand our policies and procedures, and equip you with the basic classroom practices necessary to succeed in your role.

This Series has two introductory courses and three Level 1 Courses. These are:

Using the LMS

All About Rothewood

Behaviour & Guidance

Classroom Management

The Basics-Understanding Rothewood Curriculum.

As new joiners, complete the first two non-certificate courses-Using the LMS and All About Rothewood. Once you finish the courses, go to the Level 1 courses to get a certificate for the Level 1 Courses. You can do so by either clicking on this weblink or clicking Level 1 tab on the main Rothewood Courses page.

These courses are also meant for employees who have attended these courses prior to June 2023 and obtained a certificate for them and would want to revisit the courses.

We’re excited to have you use the LMS and hope you enjoy the Learning journey.

Using this LMS

This course enables the users to understand the various components that the courses are made of. It enlists the steps required to access and navigate the various self paced courses on this LMS .

All About Rothewood Academy

Introductory NON CERTIFICATE course designed to help you integrate into our company culture, understand our policies and procedures, meant to help you get to know Rothewood Academy better.

The Basics of Rothewood Curriculum

This NON CERTIFICATE course is designed to help you revisit how we approach the various learning areas at Rothewood. Here you will find concrete examples that support your classroom practices.

Behaviour & Guidance

This NON-CERTIFICATE course in Behaviour and Guidance is designed to equip you with strategies as you support children in their journey of developing inner discipline.

Classroom Management

This NON-CERTIFICATE course is designed to provide you with practical strategies to effectively manage your classroom and create a positive learning environment for children.