Rothewood Academy Courses: Level 1

These self paced Level 1 Courses aim to further equip you with the necessary skills and behaviours that support you in your journey as a Rothewood teacher.

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Thankyou for your commitment to the children and families we serve at Rothewood Academy.

Connecting and Working With Families

This course helps one understand the nuances of not just communicating with parents but also Gradual Entry, daily interactions, addressing parent concerns and discussing teacher concerns.

Summer Camp at Rothewood

Our Summer Camps use a project approach, where we continually build upon it as the children’s interests and ideas emerge. This course supports you as you plan the summer camp curriculum.

Planning for Summer Camp

This 2nd Module on Summer Camp supports educators as they collaboratively plan the summer camp projects for the children they work with. Completing the course Summer Camp is a perquisite for access to this course.