Rothewood Academy Courses: Level 1

The Teacher Induction Series

Congratulations on joining our team! We’re delighted to have you as a new member of our team.

This section has courses specially designed to help you understand our policies and procedures, and equip you with the basic classroom practices necessary to succeed in your role as a Rothewood Academy educator. These employee induction courses are a vital part of your onboarding process.

This Series has three Level 1 Courses. These are:

Behaviour & Guidance

Classroom Management

The Basics of Rothewood Curriculum-Understanding Rothewood Curriculum.

We’re excited to have you on board and look forward to seeing you thrive in your new role.

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Buddy Support Program

A Buddy Support Program is an onboarding process via which the newly hired staff are paired with an existing employee who helps them understand their responsibilities and the company culture as they begin the new role.

Behaviour & Guidance

This introductory course in Behaviour and Guidance designed to equip you with Positive and Supportive Guidance strategies as you support children in their journey of developing inner discipline.

Classroom Management

Introductory course designed to provide you with practical strategies and techniques to effectively manage your classroom and create a positive learning environment for young children.

Understanding Rothewood Curriculum-Level 1

This introductory course is designed to help you develop understanding of how we approach the various learning areas at Rothewood. You will find concrete examples to support classroom practices.