What Should My Preschooler Be Eating?

crafting food in the kitchen | What Should My Preschooler Be Eating?Children need balanced, nutritious and wholesome diets to give them the energy to grow, strengthen their immune systems, and prevent disease and malnutrition. Understanding what your preschool child should eat is crucial. It can help you plan their meals, teach them about healthy eating and prepare them for the independence that comes with going to kindergarten. At Rothewood Academy, we understand that healthy eating is essential for a child’s development, and we take dietary matters seriously. Our in-house chef creates healthy, delicious foods that children can’t resist. We also ensure fresh meals are cooked in-house and served daily.

Healthy Food Options for Preschoolers

Here are some healthy foods you should include in your preschooler’s diet:

Vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables are essential in a child’s diet. They are an excellent source of vitamins, energy, water, fibre and antioxidants. They also contain essential minerals such as calcium, potassium and iron. Vitamins in fruits and vegetables boost the immune system, support brain development, promote growth, improve eyesight and enhance healthy skin. The fibre in vegetables keeps the digestive tract healthy and prevents constipation, while essential minerals encourage strong bones and teeth. These minerals also support wound healing. Rothewood Academy’s in-house chef ensures every meal and snack contains the fresh veggies and fruit necessary for your child’s optimal nutrition.

Grain products

Grain items such as bread, pasta, noodles, breakfast cereals, couscous, rice, corn, quinoa, polenta and oats are excellent energy sources. Whole grains can also be a great source of dietary fibre, essential vitamins and minerals. At Rothewood Academy, we understand how a child’s energy levels can affect their ability to participate actively in class and take part in extracurricular activities like play and arts and crafts. Our chef incorporates whole grains like pasta and bread into the school’s food offerings to keep your little one feeling full, energetic and ready to learn.

Dairy products

Milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products are excellent sources of calcium, vitamin D and protein – all essential for healthy bone development. Yogurt also provides the body with probiotics and good bacteria that help to maintain a healthy gut. Rothewood Academy ensures your child has a variety of dairy options to help their bones and teeth grow healthy and strong. These options include products like milk drinks, cheese slices and yogurt bowls.


Proteins such as fish, lean meat, beans, tofu, chicken, eggs, lentils, peas and almonds contain vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids essential for your child’s growth and muscle development. These nutrients also aid in the repair and recovery of skin and muscle tissue.

At Rothewood Academy, we understand that children can be picky eaters and that dietary needs vary. We do our best to accommodate the dietary requirements of every child.

We provide children with food allergies or sensitivities, such as peanut allergies or lactose intolerance, plenty of alternatives and substitutions in our meal plan to ensure they get the nutrition they need. We do not allow outside food as we have many children with food allergies or restrictions and this is how we limit exposure.  Parents with children who have dietary concerns meet and share with the child’s teachers, school Chef and administrators to develop a suitable menu plan.

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At Rothewood Academy, we believe that nutrition is a crucial aspect of your child’s growth and development. All our meals and snacks are served in the right portions and contain the highest nutrient value to ensure our children get the nourishment they need to learn and play.

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